Do You Have the Right New Car Coverage?

Whether we pay cash or finance a new car we are making a large investment.  It is important to spend time researching what type of coverage needs we will have.  It could be we are transitioning from an older car where we carried minimal car insurance or it may have been awhile since we looked for car insurance.  In getting started there are a few important considerations we should look closely at.

The first is do we have an adequate amount of coverage.  The primary area to look at before getting started is your level of assets and size of car loan.  It will be beneficial to summarize all of your assets to make sure the liability coverage you sign up for is enough to fully protect you.  The other important area is the size of down payment you are making.  If you are putting little cash down then you may need to purchase gap insurance.  This will help cover you if your car deprecates lower than the value of the loan you are carrying.

A couple of questions may surface when buying a car.  Does the type of car I’m driving impact my car insurance?  Does it matter if I’m driving an import car or domestic car?  For the most part, purchasing car insurance for your Japanese car will be the same as insuring your European or American car.  The key factors will be the value of the car and the horsepower of the car.  A sports car with more driving power will cost more to insure than a more conservative car.

As you look to get insurance the pricing you see from your existing company may not be the best available.  It is a good idea to check in with 3-4 other popular car insurance companies in the state you live to find the best pricing available.  Furthermore be certain to carry complete coverage to establish you are correctly protected.

For further tips to the right insurance coverage be sure to visit whether to pay monthly or once every 6 months.


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Our needs change based on the type of driver and risk profile we carry.   Review good car insurance to see how you can save based on the type of drover you are.

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