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Go Auto Insurance

When it is time to Go Auto Insurance how can you use your time wisely and save money? There are many choices available on the internet and it can get confusing as to what is the fastest way to go shop for auto insurance. We will review the easiest way to go find auto insurance quotes as well as simple steps you can take to save money on your car insurance premiums.

How to Save Money on Coverage

There are 2 main areas where you can save a significant amount on money on your car insurance coverage. The first area is the amount of liability coverage you elect to carry.  Liability coverage is mainly to protect you in case you are in an accident and sued. If you don’t own a lot of assets, such as stocks or equity in real estate, then your need for liability coverage will be lower. One way to save is by carrying the minimum amount of coverage required in the state you live in.

A second way to save money is on the collision coverage you elect to carry. Collision coverage is important, especially if you own a newer car. However, if you car is older you will be able to lower your premiums by increasing your collision deductible. By increasing your collision deductibles to $1000 you can save $200-$300 a year. The obvious downside to increasing your deductible is if you are in a collision you will need to pay for larger amount of money to fix your car.  Everyone will have different coverage needs.  Review our full coverage auto insurance to make sure you have the right protection.

Coverage Tip: Every year the size of our assets and the value of our car changes.  With this the amount of coverage will likely also change.  It is a good practice to review your net worth and value of your car on an annual basis to make sure you have the right coverage.

Generate Savings Over 30%

One of the greatest areas to go save on auto insurance is by participating in usage based car insurance. Most states in the US offer a usage based program where you are charged on the amount of miles you drive during the year. Many of the companies working with Hometown offer usage based insurance, most notably State Farm and Allstate. If you drive a low amount of miles it is also a good idea to check with Progressive, as they are the clear leader in usage based insurance. By switching to a usage based program you can save over 30% on your premiums. Typically, you will start to see savings on usage based insurance if you drive less than national average of 13K miles a year.

Savings Tip: Look at the amount of mileage you expect to drive during the year. Consider ways to lower you mileage, such as car pooling, taking public transportation or working from home more frequently. Reducing mileage will save money on premiums and also reduce your fuel expenses.

Why Shopping is Essential

There are hundreds of car insurance companies offering their services to insure your car.  The best way to take advantage of all these companies is to get multiple quotes from as many insurance companies at the same time. By leveraging the very competitive car insurance market you will be rewarded with low prices on your car insurance premiums.  Most car insurance web sites will require providing basic information such as the type of car you drive, yearly mileage driven and some other basic personal information.  The whole process should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Helpful Tip: When requesting a quote, why do car insurance companies ask so many questions? By understanding how this information is used you can lower premiums and do the steps to keep car insurance rates at a minimum for future years. Follow our free quote overview to understand how your personal details, car you own and driving record is used.

Find the Best Quotes

The site we have found to be the best is Hometownquotes.com. Hometown works with the three of the top car insurance companies in the US; State Farm, Allstate and Farmers Insurance.  In addition, you will also receive quotes from other top companies like Nationwide and Hartford.  By working with the top insurance companies with the most developed resources, you will be well taken care of you are in accident or encounter other problems such as having your car stolen. Along with the strong customer support, you will also be able to choose from multiple car insurance quotes and obtain low pricing on your car insurance.

Shopping Tip: One of the most important tips is to pay attention to the companies the web sites works with.  If they don’t list companies they work with or if you are not familiar with most of companies shown, it is a good idea to find a better site. An established quality company will pay dividends if you are in an accident or need to file a claim. Below is a list of the Go Auto Insurance companies we recommend.

Go Auto Insurance Company’s

By shopping for car insurance you should be able to find low prices. There shouldn’t be a need to sacrifice quality by selecting a company who will provide poor customer support. Below are auto insurance companies Best Car Coverage recommends based on financial strength, customer support and pricing.

Market share data as of 2009:

State Farm

State Farm possesses the largest market share in the United States with 18% share of the auto insurance market.   State Farm is the world’s leading Property and Casualty insurance firm with over 6oK employees and 17K agents with over 300 claim offices and 30 operations center.  State Farm offers a varied revenue stream by product lines, providing insurance for car, life and homeowners insurance.   The diverse product lines and top rated market position of State Farm has converted effectively to its’ financial position.  AM Best has given State Farm its’ highest ranking an A++.  In addition, S&P rates State Farm a AA credit, that is especially solid in our existing economy.


Allstate Corporation is the second-largest vehicle insurance company in the United States behind State Farm.  Nationally, Allstate had revenue of $31.4 Billion in 2010 and has over 35,000 employees.   Allstate also owns the second position for homeowners insurance and also offers life insurance. Allstate has strong financial ratings as evidenced by their AM Best rating of A+ and S&P rating of AA-.  In 2011 Allstate strenghtened their online presence by purchasing Esurance from White Mountains Insurance Group.


Geico is the 3rd largest car insurance in company in the US.  They have over 2oK employees, 10 million policy holders and insure over 16 million vehicles.  Geico has applied a direct business model that has delivered incredible growth.  Geico has grown from 5 million policy to well above 10 million policy holders from 2002 to 2010..  .  As a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Geico benefits from  the financial advantages of being part of a stable, diversified company.  Geico’s rating from AM Best is the highest possibly, an A++.  They also hold a highly sturdy  AA+ from Standard and Poor’s.


The Progressive Corporation supports the 4th highest market share position for automobile insurers.  Progressive mostly offers its services via the Internet or by phone and from over 30,000 independent insurance agencies.   Progressive is one of the biggest auto insurers in the United States, having over 10 million policies issued and almost 25,000 employees nationally.  In 2010, Progressive was ranked 161 in the Fortune 500 with $15 Billion in revenue.


The Farmers Insurance Group provides homeowners, auto and life insurance in the United States. Farmers is the fifth largest insurance car insurance company in the US helping over 10 million households in 41 states.  Farmers Group Inc. is fully owned by Zurich Financial Services based in Zurich, Switzerland.  Zurich Financial is one of the worlds largest insurance companies with $67 Billion in revenue over 60K employees.  In April 2009, the Farmers Insurance Group acquired 21st Century Insurance for almost 2 billion dollars from AIG.  Farmers Insurance holds a rating of A from AM Best and a rating of AA- from Standard and Poor’s.  .