Good Insurance

Good Car Insurance

What are common qualities of good car insurance? How does good car insurance change based on the type of driver I am? Are there differences to good car insurance if I am a teenage driver, good driver, high risk driver, low mileage or even a driver who doesn’t have his own car? Below we will review the most important qualities to determine good car insurance as well what characteristics you need to pay attention to based on the type of driver you are.

The Right Level of Protection

Each person will have different coverage needs based on the state they live in as well how much they want to protect their car as well as their net worth.  The starting place should be the minimum coverage requirements as defined by the state you live in.   After this, it is important to summarize your assets to help determine the how much liability coverage you will need in case a lawsuit is brought against you.  Visit our full coverage auto page to learn further details about having the right coverage.

Finding Good Car Insurance

Limited Mileage Driver  <Save 50%>

Have you seen your mileage drop in recent years?  Possibly, you are working from home, car pooling or taking public transportation more frequently?  The average car owner drives a little more than a 1K miles a month.  If you drive less there is a strong likelihood good car insurance for your will be usage based insurance.  Annual savings can be as high as 50% depending on the how few miles you drive and where you live.  Usage based insurance has been growing quickly and more companies are offering the service.  See our full review on usage programs by state and how you can save substantially from mileage based discounts.

Cheap Car Insurance <Preserve Cash>

Are you looking for cheap, good car insurance?  There are 3 main areas to help you come up with the cheapest car insurance.  The first is to keep your coverage levels at what is required as a minimum level for the state you live in.  The second is to review lowering your collision and comprehensive deductibles to get your premiums as cheap as possible.  The downside of the lower coverage is you may not be fully covered in case of a law suit or to fix your car if you are in an accident.  The third is to shop aggressively with different companies as this will filter out the cheapest pricing available.  Another good strategy for budget conscious drivers to look at is monthly car insurance so payments are spread out monthly and cash is preserved up front.

Family Driver <Discounts + Right Coverage>

Car insurance can be a large expense for families looking to insure several cars.  One of the best ways to find good car insurance is work with a company that can combine all of your cars together.  It is also a good idea to group any other insurance policies, such as for home and life.  You will receive additional discounts and save money by grouping your policies with one company.  In order to save additional money review other good car insurance savers on this page as well as our family car insurance overview.

Young Drivers <Actively shop>

Unfortunately, your premium will most be determined by stats.  Younger drivers participate in more accidents which leads to higher prices.  A good neutralizer to higher premiums is shop with several companies to find the lowest offer on pricing.  To keep premiums low it helps to have at least b GPA, have an older car and keep mileage down. To learn more, visit our review for under 25 drivers.

Good Driver <Be Rewarded by Shopping>

Do you have a good driving record?  If so most all car insurance companies will covet you as a customer.  Good car insurance will allow you to select among the top companies and it should help you find excellent pricing.  Car insurance companies are very competitive and will discount their pricing for good drivers.  The best strategy for a good driver is shop around with several leading car insurance companies.  Many web sites will allow you to enter your driving information once and will provide multiple quotes.

Old Car Owner <Adjust Deductibles>

As your car gets older the value will quickly job.  A new car will lose as much as 50% of its value after 3 years.  With the value of your car dropping, the insurance should also drop.  The biggest area to save money on an older car is by increasing your collision deductible.  The average deductible runs around $250, but with an older car it may make sense to increase your deductible to save money on your premiums.

Good Car Insurance Company Qualities

Financial Strength 

The first place you want to start when looking for good car insurance is the financial strength of the company you will be dealing with.  The last thing you need to worry about is dealing with a car insurance company who can’t meet your needs in a faltering economic environment.  The best measure of financial strength comes from AM Best, who specializes in rating insurance companies.  State Farm and Geico carry the strongest financial ratings of car insurance companies. Visit go auto insurance for further details on the top auto insurance companies.  The rating themselves come form the strength of the parent company who owns the insurance company.  For instance, Geico is owned is by Berkshire Hathaway, which is the primary reason why Geico holds such a strong rating.

Customer Support

Along with Financial strength, the customer support is another important measure of a good car insurance company. One good way to determine the customer support is to review complaints that are submitted to the state you live in. Since car insurance is regulated by the state, each state is responsible for managing problems from the companies doing business in the state they deal with. You can do a quick search of your state insurance’s web site where many states will review complaints submitted. A higher than average level of complaints is a big red flag to stay away from a company.

Finding the Best Pricing

With a better understanding of your driver type and the car insurance companies to work with it is time to find the best pricing. Each car insurance company will view your driver type differently and the best way to find the lowest pricing is to get multiple quotes from the best car insurance companies. An independent web site will allow you access to numerous companies. To better understand the information asked for on a free quote and why questions are asked see our free quote overview.