Specialty Car Insurance

Specialty Car Insurance

How do you know whether you will need to sign up for specialty car insurance?  One of the easy ways to determine this is to see if they are any abnormalities or challenges in determining the worth of your vehicle.  If you have made medications to your vehicle or if you have a collector car there is good chance specialty car insurance is the right choice for you.  What should you look for when searching for specialty car insurance?

Specialty Auto Insurance Companies

Going to a mainstream company, such as Allstate or Progressive may not be the best bet when you are looking to insure your special car.  This is because these companies typically do not have the resources in place to work with you in arriving at an agreed value for your car.  In order to find the best specialty coverage it will help to work with an experienced company who can value your vehicle properly.  Below is an overview on the Specialty car insurance companies you should contact.

There could be deviations to the above numbers based on the state you drive and changes so be sure to verify with the insurance company directly.

Specialty Car Coverage

Typically the coverage carried with your specialty vehicle should be the same you have in place with your regular use car.  There may be slight variations as to how a specialty company will look at deductions.  Some companies will offer zero deductions, which would apply to the collision and comprehensive coverage you have in placeIt is a good idea to ask how pricing will change as you increase the size of deductible.  If you are driving infrequently it may be best to have higher amounts to keep insurance cost down.  For more background on full coverage visit our summary page.

Type of Specialty Insurance

There are many different forms of car insurance available.  Insurance companies can use the terms classic, antique, vintage or collector car insurance.  Typically, working with one of the above companies in the chart will help you address most types of cars.  If for some reason, insurance coverage is not provided, it will help to ask for references on companies that can help.  To learn more details about classic car insurers visit here.