Would you Buy Car Insurance at a Store?

Esurance made a recent announcement that they will be offering discounts on car insurance in Walmart.  Would you use this discount in order to help save money on car insurance?  This appears to be a trial run as Esurance is only offering this to potential customers at Walmart’s in the State of Illinois.  This could be very well pushed to the many more Walmart’s if this becomes a success.  I think the consumer will only be better off if they have more choices with their car insurance.

Using the Esurance Discount

It is a good idea to check to see what type of savings you can bring in with the discount from Esurance.  This may help reduce the current cost of your auto insurance.  Just like shopping for other goods, this may not be the best deal you take in.  This is because this is only one discounts where there are typically numerous companies providing car insurance.  The best strategy for purchasing car insurance has to with discounts, like Esurance is advertising, as well as shopping with several companies.  Discounts are nice; however, the real proof in the pudding will come from the actual quote you see on auto insurance.  Some companies will bake this type of discount advertised by Esurance into their pricing.  The strategy should be arriving at the lowest possible quote, with discounts being added in.

Will Car Insurance be seen at more Stores?

The consumer is offered a vast array of choices when they head to the store or supermarket.  At the local supermarket there is a good chance you can do your banking, grab a cup of coffee and buy presents, whether they are a gift card or other form of gift.  It is only natural that we will have more choices and hopefully make the time we spend shopping more efficient.  It wouldn’t be a surprise to me if we saw car insurance being offered in more stores.  The important point to keep in mind is how well consumers need can be met in the store?  Will there be an experience insurance agent available to help answer questions and guide you to the right choices?  This can be a disaster if you choose the wrong amount of coverage and open the door to leaving your assets unprotected.

Tips on Buying Insurance

Purchasing insurance at the store is an interesting idea that may evolve in the years to come.  Today, however, it is best for a consumer to get knowledgeable support to make sure their needs are being fully protected.  The 2 essential areas to focus on is the level of your coverage you choose to carry.  More details on what you should keep in mind can be found our full coverage page.  The second point is to actively shop with several companies. This will not only help show the best price, it will also expose you to different companies to see the different types of companies available to serve you.


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