Yahoo Telecommute Lessons

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently made a declaration that Yahoo employees will be unable to telecommute.  It was said being at work will approve employee’s ability to innovate.  There are many corporations that still allow employees the luxury to telecommute.  There are many nice advantages to telecommuting, such as saving on gas, cleaning bills and the time saved by not having to drive to and from work.  How can telecommuting impact our car insurance rates?  What lessons can we learn from the changes going on at Yahoo?

Changes and Making Adjustments

One constant most of us will see over the course of our careers are there will be many changes and adjustments and we will need to adapt to.  Whether it is a change in policy we saw at Yahoo or if we move on to a new company.  These changes we encounter will have a significant effect on the rates we pay on car insurance.  A good lesson to learn from change is that it will be worthwhile to spend a few minutes and review how your car insurance is setup.  One of the biggest components to always review is how many miles you are driving on a monthly basis.  A material change, such as working from home can help decrease your car insurance rates by 30% are even more.  To learn more about benefiting from mileage visit our mileage overview page.  Saving over 30% can mean a decrease of over $300 a year in car insurance cost.  The extra time spent on reviewing auto insurance prices can lead to a big payoff.

Adapting to a New Role

Employees at Yahoo who had to start driving into work on a daily basis needed to adapt.  There are nice benefits to going to a workplace, such as the relationships you form with coworkers.  There are also practical ways an employee can continue to keep mileage low.  One way is to car pool with other fellow workers who work in the same area.  For Yahoo employees there is also the option of taking public transportation, such as the Santa Clara Light Rail.  The best time to make changes when we are forced with change is at the beginning.  This will help give us a fresh approach and lead us to look at the different solutions available.

Other Lesson from Change

Changes to our work schedule are only one example of the changes we may go through.  There are many other situations where we can benefit from change.  A good deal of these adjustments will have an impact on our car insurance rates.  One example is if we undergo a change in our relationship status.  For instance, married couples will typically receive a discount on car insurance rates.  In addition, with an extra vehicle, there should also be the opportunity to capture multiple car discounts.  Another of area of change we should pay attention to is if we move.  Car insurance rates are based on the city we drive in.  If we move from high crime to low crime area this should influence how much we pay for insurance.  These are just a couple of examples of how change can influence how we pay to insure our automobiles.  A good habit to get into is to pay attention to the changes and check in with your car insurance company to see how you’re pricing will be impacted.  It is also good practice to contact a couple of other companies to insure you are seeing the best available pricing.

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